Marketing Analytics Platform

Our platform, based on AI technology, enables businesses to boost their growth and make informed decisions using data. By using the Fieldstream dashboard, you can easily keep track of and analyze your marketing efforts across various channels, obtain comprehensive insights into campaign performance and ROI, and refine your marketing strategy. Additionally, the scenario planning tool can assist you in optimizing,forecasting, and monitoring your future marketing investments.

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Marketing analytics platform dashboard.

Take advantage of our benefits

Seamless integration with multiple advertising platforms

Holistic view on  marketing activities and other influential factors

Ongoing analysis and recommendations

Predictive modelling and forecasting

A solution for any type of company

Companies in different industries naturally have a diverse set of challenges. Our solutions are customized for your specific needs, regardless if you are an e-com player or a physical retailer. Fieldstream's Marketing Analytics platform will help you to find answers to the most common questions:

  • What is the impact of marketing investments on main business KPIs?

  • How to optimize Return on Marketing Investment?

  • What is the optimal media mix and budget allocation for my business goals?

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A solution for any type of company

The platform is fully automated and allows for easy access to the powerful analytics engine. If needed we guide you through the set-up and make your organisation ready for taking smart marketing decisions.

  • If you are locking for short- or long term revenue optimization. We got you covered

  • If your main goal is to drive new customer signups. Check

  • If you are looking to build a stronger brand equity. We got you covered there too.

How it works

Data collection

Easy to connect multiple advertising platforms and export data


Our analytics engine quickly delivers results

Ongoing analysis

Continuously track your marketing efficiency across various channels


Plan and forecast your marketing investments

Learn how our customers use our technology

How it works

Customer export data

Easily connect or export data

Data annotation

Data is transformed by us to be ready for analysis

Run model

Our analytics engine quickly delivers results

View dashboard

View all recommendations and insights


What data is required to use the platform?

Generally you as a client need to have two years of historical sales and marketing data. For Brand tracking, data should ideally be available for additional years.

How can this work without tracking on customer level?

The statistical models can identify effect uplifts for marketing campaigns and other activities. Thus we are able to give specific recommendations on how to spend your marketing budget to achieve best results.

What effort is needed from my end?

You as a customer need to identify where your data is located and provide Fieldstream access to that specific data. Also you will help with providing company-specific knowledge that might be important for the analysis

How do I know if the product actually works?

You can continuously compare predictions with actual results and over time see that your model gets even more accurate

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